The Magic of Healing
through Effiji Breathwork

hi, it's me.

It’s my mission to bring Effiji Breathwork to anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of quantum healing. Whether you landed here because you have a hunger for knowing yourself, you’re a midwife, a pregnant woman, on a fertility journey, or someone told you about me and their mind was blown, I’m here to help you find and stay connected to the most powerful and purposeful part of yourself. 

I’ve spent the better part of the last 10+ years sharing this work and it just can’t and won’t get old. It’s direct. It works every time. And it’s 100% fail proof. You lay down, you breathe… you heal. 

I look forward to meeting you, sharing in your experience, guiding you to your breakthroughs, and tap-dancing around in your passion.


Aries Sun. Gemini Moon. Cancer Rising.
Generator - 4/6
Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love
Year of the Monkey
Yellow Self-Existing Human

the magic

Effiji Breath is a breathwork technique and a deep, spiritual practice for opening the energetic freeways of the body for spontaneous, somatic healing.

Effiji Breath was founded by Elijah Nisenboim who’s been sharing his work for the last 30+ years. 

Yes, Effiji is a technique, but it’s also a philosophy for living a full and realized life. 

Coming soon! I’ll share a free tutorial on the technique.

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